Who we are 

 ‘Launceston & North East Railway’ is the trading name of ‘Diesel Traction Tasmania Inc.’. We are a volunteer-run incorporated association in Tasmania, Australia. We are governed by the Tasmanian ‘Associations Incorporation Act 1964’. Our business is tourist and heritage railways and we are the leaseholders of a 12.5km stretch of the North East line between Turner’s Marsh and Lilydale. 



Association Name: Diesel Traction Tasmania Inc.

Association Registration Number: IA 11030

Trading Name: Launceston & North East Railway (L&NER)

ABN: 30 909 187 586


Postal Address:

Launceston & North East Railway

PO Box 1039




General Enquiries:

Please use our Contact form to send us an email.



 Key People 



Board Members & Roles:

  Temp Vacant Chairman of the Board

Michael de Bomford | Vice Chairman of the Board

David Payne | Secretary

Ken Morey | Treasurer

Mark Shaw Membership Officer

Dianne Venn | Board Member

Elizabeth Cute | Board Member |  Membership Officer

Ross Broomhall | Board Member

Greg Stewart | Board Member

John Best | Board Member


Board Appointee Roles:

  Techincal Support Officer




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