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As a community-run organization, we depend on the generosity of our Membership and private donors for contributions in cash and kind, and also purchasing the products in our store.

Adopt a Sleeper Plaque. 

Help us raise funds by adopting one of the estimated 20,000 sleepers on our line between Turner’s Marsh and Lilydale. For each $100 gift, we will have a stainless steel plaque with your name made and attached to its own sleeper.

You will receive, by email, a photograph of your personalized sleeper and its GPS location so that you can find it on an online map. As a special thank you, we will offer a free ticket for a RailBug Adventure once we are up and running.

 Gifts of Money 

We are able to receive and account for donations via our online store. You can decide on the amount you wish to donate from set amounts to an amount you can fill in yourself, on the donations section of our store. Payment can be made with Mastercard, Visa etc, and also direct deposit into our bank account.


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