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These are Plaques we have fixed to Sleepers.

This is one of our fundraising projects that lets people purchase an Adopt a Sleeper Plaque, with engraving of your choice. The Plaques are fixed to a real steel sleeper on our actual train track.

Thankyou to everyone that has supported us.

Richard and Kerry Snare.jpg
Barron and Caroline Lee.jpg
Rodney and Colleen Snare.jpg
Douglas and Janice Elaine Snare.jpg
Aiden and John McFee.jpg
Evelyn and John Weir.jpg
Gaye Nicholas.jpg
James Hamilton McGaughtey Great G or Peter Dowde.jpg
Agnes McGaughtey Great Gma or Peter Dowde.jpg
Phil Jock Amber Bessie Lady and Pogo Evans.jpg
Doug and Carol Gill and Peg Howlett Scottsdale.jpg
Gillian Coughlin.jpg