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Bridget Archer MP.

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Bridget Archer cuts the ribbon on our new Railbug Shed.

The Story....

What a day for LNER, Bridget Archer came out to Turners Marsh today and cut the ribbon on our new shed for the Railbugs. This is the shed that Bridget Archer gave us the $20,000 grant to erect, a shed that we purchased a while back and had sitting in a container until we could afford to build it. This would still be sitting in the container if Bridget had not given us that grant. It is things like this that can totally transform our situation, for us this is a major leg up in helping us achieve our dream of getting the Railbugs running.

It was a great day for all, we had a large turnout, tea, coffee and nibbles for all.

To Bridget Archer from all of us at L&NER we offer you the biggest thanks possible for helping us to achieve something we thought we might never do.

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