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Welcome to the Launceston & North East Railway.
  Men's Shed..


So proud of our hand built Railbugs that our members designed and built..


L&NER at a Glance in 2023.

Our Immediate Vision

Our immediate vision is to complete the accreditation process of our 3 railbugs and start running our not for profit venture on 4 kms of the picturesque north east railway line at Turners Marsh. We will then be self sustainable with all money raised being returned to L&NER to enable our group and members growth.

Our other projects are to maintain our 3 vintage locomotives as future museum pieces at Lilydale station and upkeep and maintain our leased 14kms of railway line between Turners Marsh and Lilydale.

Having become a Men’s Shed we are working on expanding our range of activities to cater for our growing number of members. These activity’s include refitting and upgrading an old guards van to be a coffee shop, and learning about solar powered and battery storage which will enable training of our members in setting up our new Railbug shed to run off the grid and be self powered by the sun with excess power to be stored in batteries.

Building a clean green electric train in the “future” that will run off our solar powered shed, recharging the train and running it for near zero cost. This has gained a huge amount of interest and new members have joined to get involved.

Bridget Archer.jfif

Bridget Archer opens our NEW shed.
A massive thanks to Bridget for giving us a $20,000 grant to erect our new shed, a shed that we purchased ourselves with money we raised.
The shed would still be laying on the ground without your help Bridget.



Meaningful Work. Unforgettable Experiences.

Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 12.02.58 pm copy.jpg

Helping our Community, we always include the community when we can.. Our members are helping outside our group in many areas. Helping with Landcare planting trees, gorse eradication as well etc.

Designed and built by us. Teaching many new skills to our members. The amount of pride in achieving this is priceless.

To show how much we value our Volunteers/Members we never stop trying to raise money to improve what we do so there is always new and exciting projects.


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