RailBug Adventures 


The idea for RailBug Adventures is based on a similar attraction at Maydena in the upper Derwent Valley. They kindly loaned us one of their vehicles to use to get ideas for our ownn design. Our long-time Member Greg Stewart designed and built the prototype and prepared CAD drawings that reflect the finished product. Once the accreditation and engineering certificates are completed, an additional two vehicles will go into production. Wheels for these have already been ordered, thanks to a very generous financial contribution from one of our Members.


The RailBug prototype as presented to the Board, June 2020


 Going for a Ride 


The RailBug Adventure will soon operate out of our Turner’s Marsh site, which is situated just a short drive from Launceston CBD. Turner’s Marsh is currently the Southern terminus of our 12.5km line; the Eastern end is at Lilydale Station. Much work has been done to tidy up the site, remove rubbish dumped there and to clear undergrowth and potential fire hazards. Parts for the construction of a siding are already on-site, as are stacks of steel sleepers received from TasRail.

The only remaining original feature is the heritage listed station platform. It is significant, because it is made of bluestone quarried at the now Penny Royal site, at the mouth of the Cataract Gorge in Launceston.

Visitors will be able to pedal their RailBug through bushland, along cliffs and precipices down to Waddle’s Road crossing and back, taking in spectacular views and getting some leisurely exercise. Riders will travel in groups, accompanied by a qualified marshall on our historic WG trolley motor. The end of the line is just short of Karoola bridge, which is currently unfit to carry any traffic. Preliminary assessments and plans are underway and it will be restored in due course.

The return trip is about 8km and anyone who runs out of puff on the way back up the hill can always get a boost from the WG!


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